For Love of the Redwoods



Project Type: Short
Union: No
Genre: Fantastical-Romance-Comedy
Production Company: Royal Misfit Studios
Director/Writer: Alexander Hiers
Producer: Mattias Marasigan
Project Start Date: 9/23/2018
Project Wrap Date: 10/7/2018
Total Shooting Days: 5

Project Details: Royal Misfit Studios is embarking on their fall productions. We'll be producing three short films over the course of the next two-three months. The first one is For Love of the Redwoods written by Alexander Hiers (End of Decay, Bon Appetit) with co-writing by Jonah Fujikawa. Cinematography will be done by Mattias Marasigan, Gaffing by Eric Hunter, and Assistant Directing by Spencer Mirabal. This is a short inspired by Moonrise Kingdom (Wes Anderson) and The Brother's Bloom (Rian Johnson)

We want this to be the start of ongoing productions with Royal Misfit Studios, a collective and production company in Austin, TX, and with these films we hope to partner with other companies and investors in the future for feature films.


Synopsis: Two best friends, Al and Jo, are in love with the Redwood sisters. When they plan a joint proposal in hopes of putting rings on it forever, they are devastated when the sisters say "no." Now, they have a plan to get them back, and they enlist the help of the third sister, Anna, to put their plan in motion. Will they succeed?


Hair/MUA | $100/Day
We're looking for someone who is available this week on Sunday, September 23rd and Monday, September 24th to handle basic continuity for our principal actors. Additional dates for the remainder of the film will be discussed, if you are available, but for now we're in a bind and hoping to get someone AT LEAST these upcoming dates. The ideal person would have their own kit and have on set experience. These first two days require basic foundations, touchups, and just making sure our actors feel comfortable in front of the camera. The most important thing is that our actors feel good and know they look great.

Additional Notes For Crew: These first two days are external shoots. Please only submit if you are mobile and comfortable with being outside on location.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Saturday, September 22, 2018

Email for Submissions:

All submissions should include a resume (firstnamelastname.pdf) and a message with your experience, portfolio, reels, and/or equipment willing to provide, respectively. Provide the position you are submitting for in the subject line.