[Crew Notice Template] This One Last Time

Below is an example of how your casting notice will look on our website. It also serves as a visual guide to help you fill our our form. This post is an actual copy of a casting notice posted in 2013 that resulted in a successful casting call with a response from many talented actors. I believe the response was a direct result of how much thought went into our casting call. We hope some similar thought will get you the same results. If you need more help, check out our article about how to improve your casting notices.



Project Type: Feature
Union: No
Genre: Dystopian Sci-Fi
Production Company: Precise Panda Productions
Director/Writer: Isaiah Mancha
Producer: Colin Leach
Project Start Date: 11/11/2013
Project Wrap Date: 11/20/2013
Total Shooting Days: 6

Project Details: The writer was inspired by the thought of books as contraband, something as illegal as meth, heroin, or cocaine. Like Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, or Equilibrium we wanted to explore a world where this type of future was a reality; while still keeping modern society more-or-less intact. Where we break tradition is focusing on the relationship aspect, and the kind of strain this world, and dealing books like drugs, can have on a couple. We want this to be the start of an ongoing production company - our debut - and we hope it can build the relationships we're missing to keep making more films.


Synopsis: The story of Milos and Cassandra, trapped in a dystopian world, trying desperately to escape. Milos is a dealer – a dealer of information – in a world were every action is limited, and knowledge is a power. After a narrowly escaping arrest a year previous Milos is faced with a decision to deal after retiring. But this time he has a bigger motive than just money. A chance to escape the city and country that so ruthlessly oppresses its citizens. A story about love. The bond between a man and woman and what each would do for the other when the gloves are off and each other’s lives are on the line. To what lengths would you go for a loved one?


Sound Designer | $100/Day
For field recording/mixing and possible post production work. Anyone with experience with film audio should inquire. Foley experience a plus. EQUIPMENT NOT NECESSARY BUT PREFERRED IF YOU HAVE IT.

Make-up Artist | $100/Day
Our cast likes to look pretty. If you like keeping them that way and want to work with a small production company, then email us. Anyone who has interest in effects and is constantly looking to expand their range should definitely inquire.

Wardrobe | $100/Day
Most of our crew is believed to have good fashion sense, but we know diddly squat about dressing our talent. The ability to make clothes is a plus, but also being willing to search and acquire the right wardrobe is what we want.

Composer | Flat Rate (Negotiable)
We don’t have a specific sound nailed down for this project, so this is your chance to dazzle us and persuade us with your style. Don’t get stuck there though, because our goal is to partner with the same composers in the future, and having a good pallet and large range will help out with that.

PA’s | $50/Day
We have our friends for this…but we could always use more.

Additional Notes For Crew: Right now we have a tentative shooting schedule for mid or late NOVEMBER. We are planning on a 6 day shoot broken up into three days each. We are working out the kinks and comparing them to the script, but will have a more finalized version at the auditions – open enough to include potential cast. Please keep in mind any schedule conflicts you may have during november. We are shooting 2-3 days in Bastrop (outdoors, and might stay overnight.) And the rest of the shoot is in Austin.

Email for Submissions: mattiasalegro@gmail.com

All submissions should include a resume (firstnamelastname.pdf) and a message with your experience, portfolio, reels, and/or equipment willing to provide, respectively. Provide the position you are submitting for in the subject line.