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For additional guidance on how casting notices should be handled on our website, please read this article

1. Paid projects only.

We don’t care if you choose to pay your actors $1 or $100, but we do ask that you specify an amount other than $0 or deferred. IMDB Credit, Copy of Project, Snacks, Gas, and Meals are NOT proper compensation. In fact - those are expected of each production.

2. No extras. no commercials. no poc's/TRAILERS.

There are services better suited for casting extras or commercial casting. They are called Casting Directors. Projects such as Proof-of-Concepts and Trailers, in which a feature or show will only film partial scenes in order to gain investment before an actual production, are determined to be not valid enough to post on this website. We recommend utilizing your own network or our facebook group for any of these types of projects.

3. fill out form in its entirety.

You will be contacted by an administrator if certain details are missing. Please keep in mind, our goal is to represent your film as accurately and enticingly as possible. Having the relevant information, as outlined in our form, not only helps the actors answer their standard questions, but also helps in the promotion of you film. For this reason, we may go back-and-forth a few times before we approve a casting call, and in some ways might even help you represent you film in the best way possible.

4. No double posts.

Since each casting call will come with a unique URL for you to share, we want to avoid having to create another URL for the same production and causing confusion. If you need to update an existing casting call, please contact the Admin who originally emailed you upon approval, and we will do everything in our power to update your existing casting call while re-publishing it so that it falls onto the list accordingly.


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(Unpaid Notices, Extras Calls, or Rush Calls should be posted on the facebook group.)


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