*WARNING: Because of our limitations, the map is best used when viewed on a desktop or laptop browser. while you can still use a phone or tablet browser, some functions might not be available to you and design might be considered "off".

About The Map:

Have you ever passed by a location, building, street, or complex and thought to yourself, "Boy, that would be a fascinating place to shoot a film?" Better yet, have you said to yourself, "That looks like a thriller." OR "I could shoot a sci-fi here." Well that's the idea behind this custom map. Originally conceived as a phone application for users to curate a private list along with their own photos, tags, and notes specific to how the location could be used (as perceived by the user), now has become a crowdsourced Google map due to the lack of funds or knowledge as to how to create such a product. (Side note: If there are any app developers willing to help develop something, please don't hesitate to contact me.) Too often we stumble upon locations that we don't yet have a use for, nor the script written to take advantage of it, and yet it's hard to remember all the locations we've come across in our travels. This map is intended to be a memory bank - of sorts - so that we can store that information for later; while also helping others in their search for the perfect location.

What This Map Is Not:

Where as we could list every conceivable establishment within the ATX and greater Central Texas area, the intention is to list locations that are more obscure or can't easily be found by a simple google search or facebook post. This includes locations that might not have an actual address and the areas between actual known institutions. This is not about landmarks, famous spaces, or frequently used sites. These are the locations you may never have thought to look.

We also DO NOT list private residences. You can use Air BnB for that. Or facebook. Whatever works.

DISCLAIMER: Just because a location might be listed on this map, does not mean you have permission to shoot there. Though most of Texas does not require permits to film, especially in public areas, it is imperative that you do your research when scouting locations and attain the proper permissions, when necessary, before showing up with your cast & crew. 

How to use the map:

  • Easily browse and view locations on the map by using the window. Just like google maps you can scroll, zoom, click, and drag on the map to find what you're looking for. 
  • Open the left panel to view categories and genre's. Here you can click the checkbox next to each category in order to make visible/invisible the respective locations in order to narrow down options.
  • Each location has tags and descriptions included in order to help you find the perfect location. In order to search through these tags and descriptions, click the full screen icon to expand the map into a new browser window. This should give you a search function in the new window. If you need some suggestions, try these common, previously approved, tags and keywords:


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Modern Futuristic