We Are Hiring.

Well. Sort of.

Parts & Labor (the website in which you are currently located) is seeking talented and dedicated writers to become regular contributors to the site. Those individuals who wish to apply should be passionate about independent film; especially within the Central Texas region. They should be consistent in their work ethic and have a unique voice within their writing. Most importantly, applicants should accept the challenge of creating something completely new. Though there are many precedents as to what this site could become, we are embarking on something that has the potential to shift and expand as we go along. If you feel like you are someone who could join the team, then click the button below. Keep reading to find out more about the position, what we're looking for, and other details in regards to becoming a contributor.

Parts & Labor is currently run by a single person. This person started with a simple desire to bring the Austin film community together. This person also volunteers his time freely and pays the web fees out of pocket because he feels like a site like this should exist. This person is also the one writing this post and has already grown tired of talking about himself in the third person. However, it's already too late, and we're on the last sentence anyway so why bother switching it up now. The point is: he realized that he can't do this on his own; therefore he is seeking out other - much better - writers who might share the same vision that he does while also bringing their own flavor in the form of collaboration.

Job Description: Contributors will take on the task of creating content in whatever area is deemed their strongest. As a blogging platform, they may contribute in the form of interviews, tutorials, opinion-editorials, essays, news & updates, movie reviews, and more. Contributors may even have the opportunity to attend festivals, movie premieres, and on-set visits should the need arise. Assignments may be given from time-to-time, but most deadlines and article ideas will be self-imposed. Contributors will also have regular meetings and/or correspondence with the editor-in-chief in regards to developing ideas, stories, and creating community engagement. Contributors will also assist in finding photos and/or supplemental material for their articles, if needed, as well as provide tags, categories, and formatting for anything they produce. They may share marketing duties and are expected to engage in comments and on social media in regards to their pieces.

Applicant Considerations:

  • Opinionated. We want to reiterate that all applicants should have their own opinions when it comes to the film industry; especially within the independent sector. We understand that a good writing team will be diverse and varied when it comes to certain topics. Not everyone will be able to share the same opinion. So it's important that whatever the opinion is, you should be able to communicate them effectively, clearly, and with a certain amount of uniqueness.
  • Must be well researched. That said, no opinions will be approved on this site without proper and involved research. Put forth the work. At least pretend to know what you're talking about.
  • Collaboration. Though the Editor has no desire to micro-manage his writers, there is a certain amount of collaboration that is expected when it comes to participation on the site. If you are unable to accept criticism, notes, or changes to your work, then you need not apply.
  • Creative. As the job description mentioned, any contributor is expected to come up with their own ideas for articles and/or content within the site. Though there are already certain categories in which we will adhere to, there is room for expansion and for contributors to bring new ideas to the table. We're not simply wanting to copy every other film website out there. We want uniqueness and personality when it comes to our content.
  • Self-Discipline. If you cannot keep up with writing for the site, or you continually flake out or become unresponsive, then we have no need for you here. Part of being a contributor on this site is having the discipline to be consistent and passionate about what you do. If we're going to write about achieving dreams, then we might as well conduct ourselves in a manner which it takes to achieve our own.
  • Involved. We're not just looking for writers, but we're looking for people who want to be involved in the independent film industry. Watching/loving movies is one thing, but being able to participate with them is another. We want individuals who know what it's like to be on set, who attend festivals regularly, and who has a desire to see the community move forward in quality and professionalism.
  • Passion for Writing. All-in-all - though we are very open in regards to our requirements and previous qualifications - we are still looking for those who believe they have a skill, talent, and future in writing; whether in film, about film, or otherwise. We are looking for those who don't just want to write, but feel like they must. It's these people who we want to see thrive and whom we want to throw in our support.

Please note that these are not paid positions. As we are just starting out with no revenue, we are simply attempting to provide a platform for others as well as gauge the desire for this site to even exist. There are ideas to make this site a full-fledged company in the future, but in the meantime, it is simply a dream, and all those who apply now should know that they are doing so as a volunteer. You will be giving your time and skills freely. However, we aim to conduct this site as professionally as possible while respecting the efforts of all those involved.

If you feel like you want to become part of the team, then we welcome you, and hope there is a good fit. Click on the button below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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