How to Light a NYC Night Exterior

Cinematography Database on Youtube is run by Matt Workman. On the channel he often breaks down lighting, cameras, and other aspects of Cinematography of Big-Budget films and has invaluable information for those who want to see what professional sets, commercials, and films look like. This video posted today shows how he and a skeleton crew managed to pull off a short film with minimal lighting and some basic techniques.

My favorite part of the video involves using the Space Light attachment from Aputure. While made to be used with lights with a Bowens mount, he also shows how they held a common LED panel to achieve a similar effect. Matt is also very good at breaking down his camera settings from shot-to-shot; which is important information for those wanting to know how he achieved a certain look.

While he's using lights that might be out of your budget range, the techniques he uses here (like using practical lights within the scene) can be translated to any budget you have available.

Be sure to check out Matt's channel for more great videos.