5th Annual Summer Blockbuster Lineup

Love movies? Wanna watch with other filmmakers? Check out the 5th Annual Summer Blockbuster Lineup!

Mattias is a local filmmaker and actor who loves to watch films with as many people as possible. As such he's created a way for other local filmmakers to watch movies together! Considering he founded Parts & Labor, and since he's writing this post, we figure we might as well highlight it so you have a chance to join in.

We'll be watching movies all summer long, every sunday afternoon, between the months of May-July. Then we'll have a live hangout after the film for some good conversation, good beer, and good company. This is a chance to meet up, network, and simply have fun at the movies. Please make it out if you can.

To sign up & for more details: https://www.mattiasalegro.com/blockbuster

See you at the movies!!!

For those curious. Check out the past montages from these series.

Meet UpMattias Marasigan